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Requirements / Age limit

Whereas with this present agreement, the Lessor Company hereby rents to the «Renter» the vehicle, as described herein (including any replacement vehicle) subject to the herein below terms & conditions as well as those included in the front side hereof which the Renter fully accepts in their entirety expressly, unconditionally and unreservedly.

Minimum 21 years old for Car Groups A, B & C. For all other Car Groups minimum age is 23.

A valid Driving license held for at least one year is required.

Under Acceptance, deposits of estimated charges are required at the beginning of rental with a minimum of € 150,00 daily. No deposits required for credit card holders honored by the Lessor. No Car Groups can be rented on cash basis. The minimum rental is one day (24 hours). For over half hour in excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

Renter received Vehicle, which he examined and found to his complete satisfaction, in perfect condition & appropriate to the purpose he rents it. Renter must return Vehicle and all documents, tools & accessories that accompany it to the Lessor in the same condition he received it at the location and on the date designated in this agreement. Otherwise, and upon expiration of the Rental period, Renter will be obliged to pay to the Lessor the normal rental charge plus expenses for any loss or damage. The Lessor reserves the right to gain repossession and use of vehicle at any time without notice and without Renter's consent, but at Renter's expense from wherever and by any means if at the discretion of the Lessor there is danger of damage or loss of Vehicle as well as risk of not receiving the rental charge or any other due compensation. The Lessor has the right besides the above mentioned case to gain repossession and use of Vehicle if it has been used in violation of this agreement or of designated Rental period.

Renter has the obligation to compensate the Lessor in the event of theft, loss or damage to Vehicle and to any person (including his co-passengers) as well as to pay all losses & damages suffered by the Lessor. More specifically: a. Renter is responsible for all the damages he has caused to Vehicle or to others, in case he has violated the terms of use of Vehicle or in case he has been driving same in an illegal lmanner or in violation of the Greek Driving Code. b. Renter is responsible for partial or total theft or loss of Vehicle, unless the Lessor releases Renter from the responsibility for total theft or loss of Vehicle. Such release is valid provided that Renter has already accepted at the beginning of rental the daily charge and the conditions of «Theft Protection» (TPC) of Vehicle , as these terms are defined in the official Lessor' s price-list (tariff), by marking in the «Accepts» box on the front side of this agreement, provided that Renter has taken all the precautions to avoid total theft or loss of the Vehicle and has used it in compliance with the terms of this agreement. It is expressly agreed that theft or loss of the parts accessories and/or equipment (partial theft) of Vehicle is not covered by the abovementioned acceptance of «Theft Protection» (TPC). c. Renter is responsible for damage to the Vehicle due to collision or fire, unless Renter has accepted the term «Collision Damage Waiver» (CDW) by marking in the «Accept» box on the front side of this agreement and by paying the respective daily charge. The abovementioned acceptance of «Collision Damage Waiver» (CDW) does not release Renter, if Vehicle was not used in compliance with the terms of this agreement and particularly in compliance with the terms of use (article 7). Even if Renter has accepted «Collision Damage Waiver» there is a minimum charge for the restoration of the damage, as designated in the official Lessor' s price-list (tariff) or as stated in the front side of this agreement, unless Renter has accepted «Full Damage Waiver» (FDW) by marking in the «Accept» box & by paying the respective daily charge. It is expressly agreed that: The said acceptance of «Collision Damage Waiver» (CDW) or of «Full Damage Waiver» (FDW), does not cover in any case damages caused: 1. Underneath the Vehicle. 2. To the tires and wheels of Vehicle. 3. During loading, unloading or transport of Vehicle by ships or trains or other means of transport without Lessor's prior written consent.

Renter shall pay to the Lessor at the termination of the rental period, unless otherwise agreed, the following sums a. The daily fixed rental fee for the entire rental period. b. The charges that correspond to the mileage covered by the vehicle with period unless otherwise agreed, based on the unit price per kilometer, as designated in the official Lessor's price-list (tariff). The number of the covered kilometers is computed according to the indications of the kilometer counter at the beginning and at the end of the rental period. In case the kilometer counter does not function, the charge is based on the number of kilometers between distances covered by Renter with Vehicle. c. All charges concerning refueling of Vehicle, in case it is not returned in the same level, as it was, the time when the Vehicle was delivered to the Renter, the «Theft Protection» (TPC), the «Collision Damage Waiver» (CDW), the «Personal Accident Insurance» (PAI), the «Full Damage Waiver» (FDW) and any other charge provided by the terms of this agreement or by the official price-list (tariff). Renter agrees and accepts that in case at the end of the rental period he does not return Vehicle to the Lessor with the same level of fuel, as it was, the time when the Vehicle was delivered to the Renter, then he will be additionally charged with the «Refueling Service Charge» as such fee is determined in the official Lessor' s price-list (tariff). d. Any taxes, duties & other expenses related to the rental of Vehicle. e. Any Lessor' s costs, including attorney's fees & default interest incurred in collecting any kind of payments due to this rental or related to the repossession of Vehicle by the Lessor. f. Any fines, penalties, court costs and other expenses, imposed or to be imposed on Lessor' s due to the illegal use of Vehicle by Renter. In this later case Renter or additional driver, mentioned on the front side of this agreement, shall continue to be responsible for any illegal acts. g. Any amount necessary for replacement or repairing of destroyed tires or wheels or any sums for restoring damages on the lower part of Vehicle, for repairing any other damage and also for compensating due to loss of Vehicle, unless the respective waivers have been accepted and their terms have been applied (article 5). h. The additional charge for delivering or returning of Vehicle and also the charge for its return to a location different from the one designated on the front side of this agreement without Lessor's written consent, such charge being determined in the official Lessor's price-list (tariff). i. The additional «Airport Service Charge» in case Renter rented Vehicle at a Lessor's branch located in an airport. Renter agrees and accepts: 1. Granted discounts will be recalled, if settlement of Lessor's account is not made within the set limits. 2. All charges are subject to final audit by the Lessor, & the Renter accepts them fully in their entirety with this agreement.

Renter is expected to take good care of Vehicle, to preserve it in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, the oil & water level, the tires, etc. and in general to behave in a prudent manner. Any repair of Vehicle by Renter himself or any other person is prohibited without Lessor's prior consent. Vehicle must not exit Greece nor be loaded on train or ship or other mean of transportation without Lessor's prior written consent. Vehicle must not be used: a. To carry, persons or property for hire. b. To propel or to tow any vehicle, trailer or other object. c. To participate in or to follow Rallies, d. For subleasing by Renter to any third party. e. For purposes contrary to the Greek Law. f. While Renter or the additional driver of the Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react. g. In contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulations. h. By any third person other than Renter & any additional driver, for whom Renter has accepted the daily charge for additional drivers, as such charge is designated in the official Lessor's price-list (tariff). i. To transfer or carry heavy luggage, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics, etc.. j. To be involve illegal transports of locals or foreigners or to perform illegal acts. k. For Travelling outside of Greece without the Lessor's written consent.

If Renter wishes to prolong the rental period of Vehicle, he has to notify the Lessor in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours before the end of the period to receive the respective written approval. If he fails to do so he will have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of Vehicle. In case of extension of rental Renter shall be bound by the terms and conditions both of the initial agreement and the rental extension agreement, whether concerning the Vehicle or any replacements there of.

Renter expressly agrees that Lessor is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by Renter or third parties during the rental period and no claim be raised against Lessor for the above reason.

In case of any accident or any other incident (fire, theft, etc), Renter or the additional driver(s) are obliged to immediately do the following: a. Not acknowledge liability or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, direct or indirect. b. Note the names and the addresses of eye witnesses and also the name & the address of the driver & the data of the vehicle, with which Vehicle may have collided. c. Notify the Police to investigate the liability of the third party and provide care to any injurers. d. Contact with the Lessor immediately by phone or other means (fax etc). e. Obtain all relevant information from any third party. f. Photograph the location of the accident & the vehicles participating in the accident, if possible. Renter must complete and sing an accident/theft report latest within twenty-four (24) hours at the nearest Lessor's branch and send any relevant documents or information to the Lessor. In case of theft or loss of Vehicle Renter must report the incident in writing at the nearest police department within twenty-four (24) hours.

a. Lessor provides Renter and any additional driver with insurance coverage by insurance companies of its choice for death or injuries of third parties, passengers or not, of Vehicle (the Vehicle driver is excluded) to the total maximum amount of € 750.000,00 and for material damages of third parties except Lessor's vehicle caused on objects inside or on vehicle to the total maximum amount of € 750.000,00 provided that they do not violate any term of this agreement. b. Lessor provides insurance coverage against third parties only to those persons who use Vehicle with its permission, by an insurance policy, the terms of which are available for examination. c. Renter, additional authorized drivers and all other passengers of the Vehicle are not covered by «Personal Accident Insurance» (PAI) as such term is determined in the official Lessor's price-list (tariff), unless Renter accepts «Personal Accident Insurance» at the beginning of rental by initialing in «Accept» box on the frontside of this agreement, this accepting the coverage provided by Lessor's insurance policy for personal accidents, as mentioned in the official price-list & paying the respective daily charge. d. Luggage is not covered by insurance and Renter is responsible for any loss or damage of property belonging to him or not. Lessor holds no responsibility for any such loss, damage etc. at the time of rental or after the return of Vehicle to the Lessor.

Renter consents to the computer storage of his personal data. It is strictly agreed that the Lessor is authorized to use such data, when Renter at time of rental makes incorrect statements or violates the terms of this agreement and to pass on such data to the Country Authorities in case there is suspicion of police department within twenty-four (24) hours.

a. Vehicle is always property of the Lessor company. This is an agreement of Rental only. Renter is not Lessor's agent in any way & in case. Renter acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those stated in this agreement. b. During the rental all additional drivers are jointly & severally liable with the Renter. c. Likewise in case that this agreement is signed by any representative of the Renter, he would be jointly and severally responsible with the Renter. d. This agreement supersedes any other prior or verbal agreement between the Lessor and Renter. e. The Lessor cannot waive any of its rights deriving from the law and this agreement. f. Any alteration of the terms of this agreement is not valid if not agreed in writing. g. Renter agrees and accepts that all above-mentioned terms are valid both in case of the initial agreement with the Lessor and in any case of extension of this time of the rental and/or replacement of the Vehicle by another. h. In case there is difference between the copies and the original of this agreement the original possessed by the Lessor always supersedes. i. The contracting parties acknowledge and accept that all terms of this agreement are substantial & fundamental from the purpose hereof.

This Agreement is governed by Greek Legislation and any dispute between the Lessor company and the Renter arising from this agreement shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts lying at the place of the Lessor's registered office.

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